As Collinsville Triad CEO, we are so grateful for the Investor support and look forward to continuing to build this program Want to learn more about the program? Please join us for our Complimentary Investor Breakfast on Wednesday morning, November 18 from 7:30am to 9am at Collinsville Gateway Center. RSVP by NOV 12 to Donna Green @ 618-616-7638 or

Hear from our students here:

I have lived in my same subdivision for 14 years. During tonight's walk around the block, I stopped to say Hello and meet neighbors that I drive past every day. During the course of conversation, I mentioned that I was the Facilitator for Collinsville Triad CEO. Small world. One of the sons is an Investor in the Belleville Program and host site for two amazing classes. Shout out to Bouse Home Apartments. All this to say --- He is a great community member that sees value in an outstanding program in his community. We are in year two and growing in our local area. Would you like to learn more? Hope to see you there!

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