Jimmy Armstrong - Site Manager, HydroChemPSC

Jimmy Armstrong of HydroChemPSC joined Collinsville Triad CEO at their Friendsgiving on Tuesday. It was a day of so much sharing and no pictures taken! Sometimes the best in life happens this way. Jimmy is a dynamic leader that serves in the compliance industry with Phillips Oil. He has a team of 22 employees that work with him daily. Jimmy emphasized the importance of keeping your working environment humble and peaceful.

As an entrepreneur/leader/boss, he shared that understanding people is one of the hardest things we will do and one of the most important. You have to know when to change hats in this world.

Relationships is also a key to leading. If you want to watch something grow, you have to have the right people in place.

A few highlights students were left with:
-You have to have people skills to make things work long term
-Its ok to fail. It teaches you how to be successful. Don't stay down and out. Just keep pushing forward.
-Be creative. Find ways to generate passive income.
-You need to have a plan. Write out your goals. Have direction for where you are going.
-It's easy to do wrong. It can be hard to do right. Own your plan. Invest in yourself.

It was interesting to see the parallels this week on leadership skills from each of our speakers. Students have the greatest opportunities in CEO to draw from each individual that invest of their time. Many thanks for taking the time on this holiday week!

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