Dr. Tom Kolditz, Director - Doerr Institute, Rice University

We were so fortunate to have Tom Kolditz, founding Director of the Ann and John Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University meet with Collinsville Triad CEO. Dr. Koditz's resume includes Retired Brigadier General, author, and public speaker. His conversation with students focused on leadership. What develops leaders? Who are the leaders? How do you become a leader?

One of the best attributes of every leader is to continue to change and grow. Growing up in New Athens, IL, Tom developed leadership skills from a young age, playing baseball, becoming an Eagle Scout and being an active member in a small community. When people need help in a small town, you up. After attending Vanderbilt University on an ROTC scholarship, he went on to earn his doctorate degree and then landed at West Point for many years.

During various positions at West Point, the Pentagon, Yale School of Management, and most recently with Rice University, Tom has overseen leadership development and understood the process required to get there. Key truths:
-Every leader needs a strong coach. They transform individuals from ordinary to taking charge.
-Build your bench with people that can help you.
-Ideas are easy. Execution is everything. It takes a team to win.
-Leadership is not about you. It's understanding what the organization needs and getting it for them.
-Strong leaders have to be able to see the world through the eyes of the people they are leading.
-As a leader, you are both responsible and accountable for outcomes of an organization.

Thank you Dr. Kolditz for spending time with our students and encouraging them to always grow - and always find a coach as they go through life and development.

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