Doug Villhard Speaking Series
Feedback is a Gift
As entrepreneurs- we love to create. The question is - do our customers love it though? Driving sales and building a business is all about understanding your customer.

What problem are you actually solving for them? We you have a solution - you are one step in the right direction.

Students enjoyed a very hands on lesson where they paired up and each discussed their wallets. Something most Americans carry with them daily - and several potentially sitting at home for use with a different occasion. The goals was to understand what each person loved about the wallet and what the problem is with their current product.

After this exercise, they turned on their creative side and used the materials provide to create the perfect wallet.

It was so interesting to watch them discover what works - what doesn’t and why?

As students prepare to lock in a personal business idea, understanding this crucial step of product/service development, students will be charged with gaining feedback from their friends and family over the holidays.

Special thanks to Doug for bringing a practical exercise to stoke their creativity and understanding as they bring their visions to life.

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