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As important as learning to run a business is, there are also some leaders called to serve through Non Profits. Linda Mitchell of Metro East Literacy Project shared her heart and her mission with Collinsville Triad CEO students. Her program is on mission, promoting a culture of reading for family transformation. Linda, her Board and local volunteers actively share books with adults and children in their homes. After years of research, and seeing the impact of those around us that are illiterate, Metro East Literacy Project is working through a campaign called - I read. They read. This is an imitation project that begins at home. Why? Because reading is a fundamental skill in life that can shape every other aspect of your life. When children see their parents pick up books - and read - they are more prone to do the same thing. You never know what book, what passage can be completely transformational for an individual and their family.

While Linda does run a non-profit, there are still so many parallels to running a business. In life and work, you will run into obstacles and you have to overcome them. Whatever you do - start with your why. It's your dreams that fuel your life. While you may have struggles and others that don't believe in your dream - even those close to you - you will only gain strength by pursuing your dreams - no matter what.

Linda inspired each of these students to always have a vision on the other side of your life work - whatever it is. What can I give back to others? What is my legacy? Life can't be just about a race to make money. Linda's ‘why’ began very early on when she realized her grandmother could not read. Reading is part of life long learning and critical to everything we do as adults.

She closed out the day with three questions -
What is your dream? Write it down.
Will you let obstacles get in your way?
When will you stop learning?

Learn who you are. Learn your strengths and weaknesses. Find your why. Always give back.

Linda and her non-profit will be giving aways thousands of books - as they drop seeds of life into the community. One book at a time. Thank you Linda for being amazing and stopping by to share with our students.

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