Kurt Mueller - Maryville CarStar
Special thanks to Kurt with Maryville CarStar for hosting Collinsville Triad CEO. The morning started with a tour of the facility and the ability to see how things had expanded over years of owning this location.

Starting with his first shop in 1978 and expanding to the CarStar Auto Body shop that his son has recently taken over, there are many years of serving the Maryville IL area. Kurt shared with students that while he may not have been the best student according to grades, he knew very young what passion and hard work was. He gravitated to opportunities and was always willing to take a risk - when he needed to, continuing to grow through many sacrifices. He has been on the cutting edge of auto body repair from equipment to specializing in process.

Key insights shared include - Always be a giver. Good things happen to good people. Don't leave this out in your quest for success. Put in your mind what you are going to do - and go after it. Nothing will ever be free.

Kurt shared Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill with the students. We spent time with key excerpts that have been life changing for managing both his life and business. One of his favorite quotes says 'You are the master of your fate. The captain of your soul.' Only you can make the decisions to move forward. Nothing happens in life without a burning desire.

Always remember that success is built on CANs. Make your plan. Write it down. Be specific. And also - always have a good attorney and accountant. Especially in today's environment.

Thank you for sharing your morning with Collinsville Triad CEO. Sounds like we have some students really stepping into reading the book this year!

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