Doug Villhard - Differentiation Please!
Every session that Edwardsville CEO and Collinsville Triad CEO meet together with Doug Villhard, they are building on their foundation of Entrepreneurism and what it really takes to bring products to market - and make an impact.

Doug believes competition can spur you to be the best in your endeavors. A capitalist will get better, and better, and better when they are competing against themselves or someone else. What makes you different? What makes your product different? How are you impacting the planet? How are you impacting the people around you?

In looking at a series of well-known brands, Doug outlined the key factors that set your product apart along with today's examples:
Price - WalMart
Service - Chick-fil-a
Advertising - Insurance
Location - Amazon
Looks - Apple
Features - Tesla
Mission - Toms
Quality - Target

This exercise really helped students understand that you don't have to be lowest price --- to have the best product and sales. As students absorbed this, we also had several students share their business ideas and which criteria their business may use to differentiate from others in the market place.

Thank you Doug for your insights and the knowledge that continues to be soaked in for these young entrepreneurs.

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